🎁 Discover the Perfect Gift: Reed's Dressing Gift Ideas and Bundles! 🎁

Are you searching for unique, delectable, and memorable gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones or valued clients?

Look no further!

Reed's Dressing has created exquisite gift ideas and bundles that make the perfect present for any occasion, birthdays, teacher appreciation, house warming, and Christmas, just to name a few.

Give the gift of flavor and elevate your gifting game with Reed's Dressing.

This Gift Bundles are Perfect For

Realtors, need client gifts for new homeowners? Our dressing is great because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Also, it pairs well with wine! 

Physical therapist- need something for your clients? Reed’s is low fat, only 30 calories, 3g fat and 1 carb for 2 tablespoons.  Give them something yummy to keep them on the right track!

Truckers and outside salespeople, take us on the road!  No refrigeration needed even after you open it. Be sure to keep it out of the sun!

Teacher gift baskets

Stocking stuffers

Secret Santa gift

The list goes on….anyone who needs several presents and doesn’t want to break the bank, our dressing is a hit with everyone and tastes like a million bucks! 🤩

Bundles + A Colander


 Christmas Gifts


Birthday Gifts


 Just Because 



Why Reed's Dressing Gifts and Bundles?

Exceptional Taste: Reed's Dressing is renowned for its gourmet quality and distinctive flavors. A gift from us is a gift of exceptional taste and culinary delight.

Thoughtful Variety: We've curated an array of gift sets and bundles to suit all preferences. Choose from our flavors- original, creamy, and spicy. We can customize the adornments. Each bundle includes a package of fun and festive pasta!

Versatile Choices: Whether it's for friends, family, employees, or clients, our bundles are versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions.

High-Quality Presentation: Our gift sets come beautifully packaged, ensuring that your gift is as impressive on the outside as it is delicious on the inside.

 Handmade Kenyan Spoons: One customization feature is adding beautiful Handmade Kenyan Spoons. With the purchase of these spoons, you are supporting an incredible organization called the Maisha Project

Out of Africa Market    Maisha Project